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Olifant school is devoted to nurture young generation to have pioneer and global oriented mindsets, carry out sociopreneur characters with a strong self-identity based on Pancasila spirits as the foundation
  • To nurture children holistically on both a global and local level with the purpose of raising a generation that is competent, confident, tolerant, assertive, creative, communicative, is respectful of others, and has a open and clear worldwide perspective.
  • To nurture children's individual characters by providing up to date and comprehensive knowledge.
  • Facilitates students to develop competencies holistically to collaborate in a global world with sociopreneur spirit.


Small Step Big Step
One step for a small child is a big step forward. Every litle bit of progress will be rewarded here at Olifant. We don’t focus on the end result, but instead focus on each little step that your child makes to get there.
Unity in Diversity
Indonesia is a land of many diverse cultures & religions. We at Olifant belive every child is special in their own way regardless of race, colour, creed, or religion. Olifant is a school where differences are not only appreciated but celebrated. These very differences are what unite us.
International Teaching Method Adapted To Local Culture - Balanced Development

As a national school, and as indonesians, we at Olifant feel that pride in one’s own cultural, arts, traditions, and languages is essential for the development and recognition of a child’s identity and character. We also feel that children should be up-to-date and educated on an international level, using both national and international methods.


Olifant has not only found the perfect balance between the two, but also found a way for the two teaching concepts to complement each other through the integrated language and enrichment programs.


Olifants holistic approach to education was built around the four primary aspects of child development. Psycological development, Physical development, Academic development, and Cultural development. The integration of these four aspects in the olifant teaching and learning system produces well balanced & creative skills that keep the children a step ahead.

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