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Esteemed partners and relationships

  • Olifant and Parsley
    Parsley Restaurant chain, in cooperation with Olifant is dedicated to providing a variety of healthy snacks and lunches to Olifant students and parents through it's in-school canteen and cafe.


  • Olifant and RS Hermina
    Hermina Hospital, in collaboration with Olifant school, is dedicated to providing routine, state of the art dental check ups and physical health examinations for all Olifant students.


  • Olifant and UNY
    UNY and Olifant have a unique cooperation which provides the school with a strong child psychology and counseling program. the program provides professional screening and observation for special needs students, and helps the school maintain a healthy social environment.


  • Olifant and Star Yogya
    Star Jogja, in  collaboration with Olifant School provides parents with a rare and intimate look at parenting through the "Parenting tips" broadcast program.


  • Olifant and Kanisius
    Olifant and Kanisius Publishers have a mutual goal which is to provide the children of Jogja and, the rest of Indonesia with quality educational materiel. Therefore they have partnered together to produce several cultural and educational books and magazines Including the hit series "Ollie and Troop", "O-zine magazine", "Filigree Indonesia",  and "Early learning and schooling"


  • Olifant and Cobral Dental
    Olifant and Cobral Dental Have worked together for the past 8 years to provide the children of Olifant school with the most comprehensive and up to date dental care and dental Hygine education, ensuring that the bright smiles and healthy teeth of our precious children continue to melt hearts where ever they go.


Olifant School is a growing National Plus School, in the heart of Yogyakarta. At Olifant we take pride in the fact that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.


We are part of a community of parents, business people, teachers, students, and caregivers. We work together for one main goal, a brighter future for our chiildren through education.


If you would like to contribute to this goal and discover a challenging and dynamic world where you can not only teach, but also learn and grow, then come and join our big elephant family. Together we can make a difference.


We are on the lookout for qualified passionate proffesionals who posses the following:

  • Elementary school teacher eduaction

  • English education faculty of letter

  • All majors with Akta IV

  • S1 degree holder in science / math / music / art / javanese / english

    • Male /female

    • Fluency in English both written and spoken is a must

    • Min 1 year experience working in Early Child Education is an advantage (PAUD/TK/SD)

    • Computer literacy (MS Office (word, excell, etc))

    • Willingness to work individually and in a team

    • Hard working, creative, innovative and open minded

    • Enjoys working with children

    • Music or other Artistic skills is an advantage

    • Good communication skills

    • Flexibility in all areas

Internal Publications 


  1. O-Zine (Olifant Magazine)
    O-Zine Olifant magazine is an in house publication which is published as an educational and informational resource for parents, teachers, and kids from all walks of life. the goal behind this magazine is to enhance the lives and development of the next generation of leaders in Indonesia, and to provide valuable insight and advice from  professionals and every day people just like you.

  2. Ollie and troop
    Ollie and Troop is a fantastic, character building, kids adventure series produced by Kanisius publishers, in collaboration with Olifant School. It was written as an Interactive reading tool to encourage family bonding, cultural awareness, education, and literacy in children. the series is being featured in the Frankfurt book fair 2015.

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