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Olifant pre, primary and elementary school is a private education system that aspires to be the best educational institution for our children in the Municipality of Yogyakarta Indonesia. The site in which our school is situated is quite unique. Yogyakarta is a historic city and is regarded as the most powerful kingdom in all of Java and is the core of the Javanese culture. It is a melting pot of major cultural influences such as Indian, Chinese, Arab, and European.


As the cultural and artistic epicenter of Java and the second most popular tourist destination in all of Indonesia, Jogjakarta remains one of the most important and special cities in southeast Asia. When visiting this city people from all walks of life can enjoy the ambiance of Gamelan music and traditional dances in the Keraton, the wide varieties of handmade crafts such as exotic batiks and silver crafts, the majestic sights of Prambanan, Borobudur and countless other ancient Buddhist temples, or just simply enjoy the buzzing traffic on a Becak ride.


Olifant preschool was founded in June of 2007. Olifant elementary was founded three years later in July of 2010. Both opened with the same clear mandate:


To prepare our children to contribute to the ever changing globalized world without sacrificing our core identity.


Local and Foreign languages, cultural arts, and traditions are essential to the success of this mandate. Being situated in the center of such a culturally rich environment is beneficial in so many ways. However, we also realize that it also poses several challenges. Olifant's curriculum adopts the best that both the national and International curriculums have to offer. Self exploration and Understanding is the key to our teaching curricula and methodology.


All of the knowledge accumulated in school must help children to understand themselves better, be able to relate and communicate with their environment effectively and be able to learn from the relationships with their environments to improve themselves in the course towards maturity. The final result of this concept is a school that practices Unity in diversity by integrating an International teaching method that is adapted to local culture, A place where every small step is appreciated as big progress, and where every child and every parent is welcome regardless of their background, culture, religion, or creed.


Olifant is a place where children can grow, a place where every child wins, and a place where no one is left behind.

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