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Small Step Big Step

Olifant's motto “Small Step Big Step” for us is not only a slogan, but our life. Like an elephant, which grows and grows, every step no matter how small it is, is one step forward to an even bigger one.


Therefore, no matter how small their results and achievements, each child at Olifant will be appreciated. We believe that small rewards such as a warm hug, tap on the shoulder or a smile will help generate a child's confidence, and is essential to children's psychological development.




Enables children to discover new things, new knowledge and understanding through performing, practical daily activities.



Integrated with relevant subject matter, this extra curricular program offers a variety of applied activities to enrich student's learning experience.



Allows children to build curiosity, perseverance, independence, compassion, and awareness of their surrounding environment. 

Olifant High School (OHS) is the latest educational addition to the Olifant Education system. With the motto "Catalyst for Innovation & Community", the innovative OHS education system focuses on the personal development of students as agents of change.


This system allows students to develop his or her potential through innovative, intelligent, creative, relevant, and applicable programs. 

Olifant courses were specially designed to facilitate and enhance the learning experience in specific fields by using fun and unique methods to stimulate interest and confidence in individual subject matter. Courses are open to not only Olifant students, but also the public and are taught by specially trained instructors that cater each session to the individual development needs of each child.
Olifant DAYCARE is a child care center that is designed to strengthen social interaction skills, daily routine skills, and independence through various educational activities.
The Olifant Daycare system specializes in the enhancement of life skills and character building. 
Olifant - Sekolah Musik Indonesia

SMI is one of the first music school franchises in Indonesia that specializes in Technology Education Music, with the belief that through music any child can learn. Music is the key to unlocking creativity in a child, and can Introduce them to a the magical world of production and entertainment.


The skills acquired in the SMI program produce confident, and innovative individuals who are ready to face today’s modern global challenges.

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