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  1. Olie Fun Magic Math
    The purpose of this course is to stimulate children’s reasoning skills, and explore the marvelous world of math and logic, while having fun at the same time.

    Time : Monday and Thursday at 4 – 5 PM

  2. Olie Fun Wonder words

    This course stimulates interest in reading and writing skills with fun and unique methods and materials.

    Time : Wednesday and Friday at 4 – 5 PM

  3. Olie Fun Excellent English by Puri Kids

    This course is designed to enhance the English ability of your child through fun and enriching activities.

    Time : Tuesday and Friday at 2 – 3 PM    

  4. Olie Fun "Brilliant Ballet" 

    This fun and exciting program exposes children to the world of performing arts while increasing balance, discipline, endurance, flexibility and gross motor skills  with a professional international ballet teacher. 


  5. Olie Fun "Super Science and Art"

    This program allows children to develop a new love for our natural world while at the same time enhancing creative skills through our unique bilateral thinking program.

All courses,  1 teacher maximum  every 5 children.
All courses are open for public 
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