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Each child has their own unique personality, style, and way of learning. To ensure a stable, safe and productive learning environment for all students, Olifant School has assigned a team of psychology experts to tackle the challenges of social development, as well as child and parent counseling.


Our goal is to create an environment where children can develop holistically through observation, communication, and a deeper understanding of themselves and their environment.  


Olifant Psychologist Team:

  • Prof. Irwanto, PhD - (founder of Olifant School, professor at the University of Atma Jaya Jaya Jakarta) – Advisory

  • Dr. Tjipto Susana, M.Si (psychologist, trainer and lecturer at Sanata Dharma University) - Team Leader

  • Kartika Amelia, S. Psi (school counselor)

  • Benedicta Herlina Widyastuti, S. Psi (school counselor)

  • Siti Sukinah, M. Pd (school counselor, professor, State University of Yogyakarta)

  • Hanlie Muliani, M. Psi, Psi (school counselor)


We believe that quality teachers and staff are an essential part of the education process. Therefore, it is important that teachers and staff who join Olifant, maintain certain standards and qualifications.


Olifant’s new recruits must undergo a rigorous nine stages of testing to ensure their competence, stability, and psychological proficiency. Once they have been accepted they must go through 3 months of in-depth teacher training to ensure that their teaching practices, conduct, and methodologies match that of the school’s  


To maintain ongoing teacher quality, all Olifant teachers and staff are evaluated monthly by their peers and superiors and given regular counseling and feedback throughout their time at Olifant. Teachers are also given regular training throughout the year to increase their knowledge in their particular field and encouraged to explore and enhance their individual talents and passions.


Finally, the most important criteria for Olifant teachers to posses is passion. They must have a heart for children and a deep understanding of the role that they have chosen. Teaching is an art form that is perfected over time and if the passion is there then the rest will follow. 

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