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Academic Director's Welcome,

It started with a dream.


It was a dream to provide kids with a quality education that would enable them to move forward with ease in their next steps in life.


As we consider this fast paced world, with It’s endless possibilities, such as more innovative and lucrative job opportunities, social and technological changes and the countless other challenges our  children may face, we come to realize that an education that can respond their future needs is  a must.


With this concern in mind, we at Olifant have dedicated ourselves to provide an education that prepares children with the proper balance of character building, life skills, social tolerance, multicultural respect, as well as other academic aspects which are essential to becoming independent, confident, and successful.


As a community oriented education system, we here at Olifant believe a successful education system requires that the school, family and community, work hand in hand in the education development process. Therefore Olifant invites parents to get involved in the education process. The result is a comfortable, highly effective and  fun way to learn.


Since 2007, when Olifant Preschool was founded, the response we have received has been very positive which has led to parents expressing their need for a quality faculty for higher education. Therefore, in 2010 we opened Olifant Elementary. Now once again we have been asked to rise to the growing challenge of continuing the process of higher education by opening an innovative new High school. We have risen to the challenge with confidence and pride and will continue to face the challenges together as one, big Olifant family for the future of our kids and our great nation.


For all of our prospective parents and students, welcome to Olifant. Lets start our Journey together here at Olifant. United we can make a difference.




Deasy Andriani, Psi.

Academic Director

Olifant School

Our Vision

To be the pioneer, and provider of modern Indonesian education for young learners, and to help prepare them to achieve their goals in an increasingly globalized and international community

Our History

Olifant pre, primary and elementary school is a private education system that aspires to be the best educational institution for our children in the Municipality of Yogyakarta Indonesia. The site in which our school is situated is quite unique. Yogyakarta is a historic city and is regarded as the most powerful kingdom in all of Java and is the core of the Javanese culture. It is a melting pot of major cultural influences such as Indian, Chinese, Arab, and European.

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