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Modern Parenting Tips - Deasy Andriani, Psi
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Olifant, in cooperation with radio star jogja, has created a radio broadcast program to provide simple parenting tips and advice to Jogja’s modern, digitally oriented parents. The program provides real world experiences of parents just like you, and provides easy examples of how you can create a balanced, stable family home life in this ever changing, technological world.


The broadcast lasts 3-5 minutes and plays every day. The Speaker in this program is Ms. Deasy Andriani. Ms Deasy is the academic Director of Olifant School and certified child psychology expert. 


How Can You Help

If you or your company would like to be a part of our dream of a brighter Indonesia through education, please don’t hesitate to join and/or contribute to any of the following programs:

Sponsorship programs

  • Innovative Building and facility sponsorships

  • Educational Equipment and/or logistics sponsorships

  • Individual scholarship sponsorships

  • Program and or development sponsorships

  • Community service project sponsorships

Internship programs

  • Volunteer Internship Teaching program

  • Short term sport and/or arts coaching programs

  • Collaborative community project programs

  • Volunteer teacher and/or parent training seminars  

  • Specialized subject short term training sessions.

Social and community service projects

  • Mobil dental clinic

  • Community teacher training

  • Other charity projects

We invite you to inquire about the many benefits you or your company will receive by contributing to this ongoing project. Please do not hesitate to contact us via the information provided below.

Dental Car Program
The“Dental car” charity program was created by Cobra Dental as a way for the company to give back to the community. Cobra dental collaborates with Olifant school to run the dental car program. The aim of the program is to provide free dental care to needy remote villages.
The Dental car provides all of the equipment and facilities needed for simple dental check up, except the dentist. Olifant and Cobra have worked with several clinics and private dental health clinics to facilitate this program, and we are always on the lookout for other dental health institutions who are eager to give back to the community.
If you know of a dental institution that would like to donate some spare time to be involved in this program, please contact Olifant administration.
Sekolah Gajah Wong
In 2014 Olifant did a charity teacher training program to Sekolah Gajah wong. this program was funded by Olifant families through the 2014 Idul Adha fundraising event. Olifant provided Gajah Wong with an English training program supported by digital media.
Olifant teachers gave the teachers classes on how to use the equipment effectively and how to give basic English training. Olifant's fundraising program funded all of the needed equipment such as a TV and DVD player, worksheets, basic curriculum and teacher support equipment.
Gajah Wong is a free village school for poor children that is suported and funded by the surrounding community.
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