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Pendalaman Iman Anak
Pendalaman Iman Anak is  (PIA) an optional Enrichment program for children from kindergarten A through Elementary grade 6. It introduces them to the wonders of creation and the history behind their perspective faith while instilling religious morals and gratitude. Children learn to pray according to their religion and the traditions that follow. PIA is held every Saturday from 9:00- 10:00 at Olifant. Teachers for PIA are provided from Pondok Pesantren (Islam), Church Community (Christian), and Conventual (Catholic).
Islamic Program
Circle time and basic prayer
Story telling about the prophet, Al’Quran, prayers, Islamic history, etc
Making craft
Learning and reading Quran. age appropriate level challenge
Closing time and basic prayer
Christian Program
Circle time and basic prayer
Story telling about Christ, Bible, Christian history, etc
Making craft
Children learn to sing Church songs
Closing time and basic prayer
Catholic Program
Circle time and basic prayer
Story telling about saints and Christ, Bible, Catholic history, etc
Making craft
Children learn to sing Church songs
Closing time and basic prayer
Joint Activities
Once every 2 months all of the religions will join in the one day to do some common activity likes games, making crafts, storytelling about sharing, tolerance, friends and family, etc. This activity is to encourage children to be tolerant and respectful.

Olifant’s Enrichment programs (Extracurricular Activities) are designed to allow children to explore their own individual talents and interests. Students get to choose up to two enrichment programs per semester. The specially designed programs allow children to experience an array of special interest activities in order for them to discover where their interests really lie. There are two levels of enrichments in Elementary :

  • Enrichment for lower grades; grade 1 up to grade 3. The programs are:
    • Introduction to Performing Arts
    • Introduction to Visual Arts
    • Introduction to Badminton
    • Introduction to Sports and Fitness
    • Introduction to Foreign Language and Culture
  • Enrichment for upper grade; grade 4 up to grade 6. The programs are:
    • Language Arts
    • Introduction to Architecture
    • Basic Traditional Dance
    • Applied Sciences
    • Pramuka, for grade 3 to 5
Student's Testimonies


Olifant’s special Interest clubs allow students to hone their specific skills on a more competitive and serious level. Students must have completed the Introductory enrichments of a specific category and complete a try out session in order to join a special interest club.


The students are required to fulfill certain criteria before being accepted into a club, such as the following;

  • Pre registration

  • Tryouts

  • B minimum academic score

  • Re registration

  • Signing terms and conditions


The students will participate in the club practices and activities outside of regular school hours. They learn discipline, team work, responsibility, integrity and other character building concepts from professional coaches.

Immersion : Singapore trip to HPPS



Olifant Immersion program was designed as a special program for grade 5 students to develop students’ characters, improve their skills and knowledge, and explore new experiences in an unfamiliar place. This unique annual educative trip is sure to provide invaluable life experiences for Olifant students. Students are prepared for this educational trip through various activities.


Unlike a regular study tour, Olifant 5th graders will get the opportunity to visit an elementary school in Singapore. They will join class and experience regular school activities together with Singaporean students. Olifant students also participate in International Friendship Day by performing Indonesian traditional dances or other Indonesian cultural performances. The students also visit a variety of educational sites such as science center, museums, renewable resource plants etc.

Ramp Show


A “Ramp show” is a simple performance done at the school ramp. The students perform in front of their parents and teachers. It usually takes only few minutes for each performance. This activity is one of the ways students can improve self-confidence through singing, dancing, or other performances.


An enrichment program can be integrated into a ramp show performance that way the parents can see the progress of the students in enrichment. 

Umbrella Activity


An "Umbrella Activity" is an integrated, one day activity. The activity is specially designed to cover all aspects of student's learning needs. The activity is adjusted at each age level and follows a specific theme or goal. eg: in preschool the children will learn to balance the four aspects of learning through a fun and exciting day full of applied activities all leading up to a final project.


In elementary the day's activities will coincide with their specific academic subjects such as Math, Science, Arts, and language skills once again all leading up to a fun and useful integrated activity.

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