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Olifant High School

Olifant High School (OHS)is the latest educational addition to the Olifant Education system. With the motto "Catalyst for Innovation & Community", the innovative OHS education system focuses on the personal development of students as agents of change. This system allows students to develop his or her potential through innovative, intelligent, creative, relevant, and applicable programs. The system provides students with the resources needed to explore and fine tune their own talents, interests and characters , while at the same time providing them with the opportunity to apply the subject matter in real life situations, through the “Sociopreneurship” principle. This in turn, allows students to develop a deeper understanding and sensitivity to their community environment.
As with all Of Olifants programs, the OHS system is Based on the National Curriculum. However, the National subject matter is directly supported and enhanced by Olifant’s Special interest programs, Enrichment extracurricular activities, applied learning activities, and “G.E.N.E.C.S”  programs, which are all specially designed to give the students the upper hand when preparing to study in National or an International academic programs, locally, or abroad. OHS is also one of the pioneers of the “Blended learning” system, Service Learning system, and Community Service programs. These programs will be directly integrated into the National system. Through the application of such methods, OHS hopes to create a learning culture that is up to date, tech savvy, creative, and capable of applying the subject matter practically for the betterment of their community and environment.

OHS allowes the system of the moving class room that was applied in elementary to evolve to directly support the scientific learning method in the new high school.


The OHS system is directly supported by a central library and e-library which will be utilized as a research and development center or ”central brain”, enhanced with advanced study labs and centers.


Student independence, creativity, responsibility, and other important character traits are built through the specially tailored life skills curriculum that is integrated into the daily learning activities. All of these programs combined allow students to discover themselves and find balance in the ever changing world that surrounds them.

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