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At Olifant School, we strive for excellence in every aspect of school life.
Our children are held to high standards of character and academics, and they share a passion for making a contribution to society beyond school.

Why Choose

Olifant School?

  • As the pioneer of modern education in Yogya, we believe that our unique focus on the education of each child, is an integral part of ensuring a child's successful development. We care about your child.

  • Olifant is the only school with a clear roadmap to becoming a Sociopreneur. We believe that it is essential to prepare our students to be future leaders and sociopreneurs, the answer to the 21st century challenges that Indonesia faces. We care about your child's future.

  • The curriculum at Olifant is combined with Cambridge International, and thus meets global expectations and needs. We care about your child's development.

  • Olifant provides a rich academic curriculum, blended with a fun and creative learning environment. We care about your child's success.

  • Our buildings are designed with the idea of providing a safe learning environment, which  encourages independent learning. We care about your child's safety.

  • Our caring, qualified and experienced teachers actively promote an exciting learning place, where each child learns responsibility and respect for others. We care about your  child's character.

  • Olifant is a fully accredited school, achieving... Olifant is also an accredited Cambridge school. At Olifant, we care about you.